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In recent years, the focus has been on optimisation and further development of the SKIRTALL concepts. As a result, an innovative sealing process has been developed and patented which makes SKIRTALL possible for almost all common packaging. With a small adaptation in the thermoform mould or the Injection mould (packaging producers), SKIRTALL Tulip becomes possible. In addition to its beautiful presentation, this design excels in the areas of sustainability. It offers up to 30% material reduction, with the use of 100% mono material. The availability to meet every packaging sorts and flavours, as well as cost price decrease because of the use of less materials, makes the SKIRTALL Tulip interesting for a number of markets.

SKIRTALL Tulip is available on industrial sealing machines, but Abarka will do everything in its power to make it also available for the HSA table-top sealing machines.

The SKIRTALL Tulip is available with re-close able label or film, or an inset cup.


The Film-iLid with paper offers up to 100% less fossil materials and can be recycled via waste paper route. But the Film-iLid is also great in combination with recyclable materials like Evolve, bio-based or monomaterials. These arguments make the concept more sustainable than ever

Cost price

A big trend in retail and foodservice is to replace the lid and go for a top-seal film (from rigid to flexible). The use of less material decreases the cost price per package, and the potential to meet high volumes to this.

Food safety

Hygiene: Packaging is meant to protect the food. Before you eat your food, a package is not carried around multiple times by staff in production and shop, but also by yourselves. Every time it is touched it can cause contamination. The Film-iLid protects not only the food, but also the packagin for 100%.

Brand awareness

Normally, packaging is thrown away after emptying the package. In case of a Film-iLid packaging, the consumer eats out of the package, serves visitors or eats from the package because of the great looks. Therefore, brand awareness is not only generated in the store but also during consumption.

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