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The SKIRTALL Rose is our first and original design. Its sparkling presentation will make your product stand out! Our design also checks all the other boxes. In addition to its distinction, authentic and sparkling presentation, SKIRTALL Rose excels in the field of easy opening and food Safety, making it perfectly suitable for the Foodservice, especially the Cure & Care market.

One of the essences of packaging: to protect the food. Because of the skirt, SKIRTALL Rose offers 100% protection of the food and all-important parts of the packaging in terms of hygiene.

SKIRTALL Rose is also available for HSA table sealing machines allowing caterers, restaurants, local for local, take away, home delivery, In-home cooking and start-ups to produce SKIRTALL Rose on a small scale.

Because SKIRTALL Rose is possible for ready meal packaging as well as cups for soup, salads, snacks and desserts, you can offer a complete menu with SKIRTALL.

Also available with re-sealable label or film or insert cup.

Easy opening

The SKIRTALL Rose is easy to open for everyone. From kids and especially elderly people. Perfectly suitable for the cure and care market

Food safety

The Rose also prevents for food terrorism. The Home Delivery and Take Away market are growing fast, packaging needs has to meet consumer demands. SKIRTALL Rose protects the food and the packaging for 100%.


Packaging is meant to protect the food. Before you eat your food, a packaging is carried around multiple times by staff in production, shop and yourselves. Every time it is touched can cause contamination.

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