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Our Promises

Everybody can see the sparkling authentic presentation of SKIRTALL and the huge attention. Next to these visual aspects SKIRTALL promise a lot more, depending on which member of the family flower you like:

Up to 30% reduction of materials  (Tulip, Lely & Daisy)

With a small adjustment in the production tool we skip the seal rim and seal on the side of the packaging. This in combination with the replacement of the lid by a SKIRTALL film, delivers a huge decrease in plastic material.

Skip the lid and go for a lidding film, but you will lose a lot of authenticity. With SKIRTALL you have both, reduced plastic material and an authentic presentation, with a reclose able film, or detachable (for portion packs)

Food safety (Rose, Tulip, Lely & Daisy)

Hygienic: Packaging is meant to protect the food. Before you eat your food, a packaging is carried around multiple times by staff in production, shop and yourselves. Every time it is touched can cause contamination. SKIRTALL protect the food and the packaging for 100%.

Food terrorism: By sealing packaging nobody can mess with your food. A lot of food reaches the consumer by take away, home delivery or regional producers. Consumers demand a first user seal.

For SKIRTALL Lely it is the most important usp. Without the secondary packaging and the long shelf life of cans, contamination is a huge problem. With SKIRTALL Lely you have a distinctive and hygienic solution with great attention.

Use friendly (Rose, Tulip, Lely & Daisy)

Easy opening: elderly and children have a problem with 80% of all packaging. Bad eyes, less motoric fingers and little strength are the reasons. With SKIRTALL a consumer can open the packaging blindfolded with the whole hand.

A lid of a packaging can also be unpractical and inconvenient. A combination of SKIRTALL with a reclose-able film or a detachable one for portion packs is a user-friendly way of opening and store food.

Availability (Tulip, Lely & Daisy)

These concepts can be produced with almost all existing packaging (sometimes with a little adjustment). So any packaging producer can supply his packaging with a lid, with a lidding film, but nowadays also with a skirt and thereby create the mentioned advantages. No cost of logistics or import taxes but locally produced packaging.

SKIRTALL can be licenced to Distribution Partners (country), to Packaging producers / wholesalers or to Food producers / retail.

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