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Our products speak for themselves. They all are fresh to impress with their authentic look. SKIRTALL is a patented design and can be used on all forms, materials and processes. Every family member has its unique features and excels in its own way.

The shift from rigid packaging to intelligent and flexible packaging is an inevitable trend. For many products this is undoable, as they need to protection of rigid packaging. The solution is Film-iLid: a compromise without compromise. The artisanal look of a lid and the sustainability and functionality of a lidding film. Film-iLid offers the best of both worlds, making it an interesting solution for many markets and products.


The SKIRTALL Rose is our first and original design. The SKIRTALL Rose shines in an number of elements: easy opening, food safety and hygiene. This makes the SKIRTALL Rose perfectly suitable for the Cure and Care market. One of the core principles of packaging is to protect the food. The SKIRTALL Rose is easy to open for elderly and kids. With a smaller machine, the SKIRTALL Rose offers a unique concept for local production such as take away and home delivery.

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The SKIRTALL Tulip is the result of years of product development and innovation. Our sealing process has been developed and patented to make it possible for almost all common packaging. This design excels in areas of sustainability, whereas it offers up to 30% plastic reduction to its sister and competitors, with 100% mono material. The availability to meet all types and flavours as well as cost price decrease due to the use of less materials, makes the SKIRTALL Tulip interesting for a number of markets. The SKIRTALL Tulip is available on industrial sealing machines.

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The SKIRTALL Daisy is made of paper as base material. With almost 100% plastic reduction the SKIRTALL Daisy is environment friendly. She excels in sustainability. Besides this amazing feature it also ticks the other boxes that the SKIRTALL Tulip does.

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Now more than ever, hygiene and protection are important elements in the food and drinks market. The SKIRTALL Lely protects the top of the can against contamination, making it 100% hygiene proof. Also the secondary packaging can disappear. The SKIRTALL Lely therefore checks the sustainability box.

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The beautiful SKIRTALL packages must be available for every manufacturer, which is why we have a technical solution for every application, capacity and budget.

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